About us


Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT Mitra Media Perkasa (MMP) is a company that supply devices and equipment for the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors with a nationwide coverage area.

MMP was founded by Mr. Rudy Kangdra which he started its business operations in 2001 as an antenna parabola retailer and Pay-Tv distributor. Along with the business growth, in 2009 he was entrusted to become a strategic partner of PT Indonusa Telemedia—with its TelkomVision brand, which is a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk—as a supplier of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), and was responsible for leading both the sales and installation of TelkomVision products through its business entity, PT Yes TV Indonesia.

Based on these experiences, PT Mitra Media Perkasa was established in 2011, while the MMP brand itself was registered in 2012 consisting of the following products: Antennas Tx/Rx, Cables, Receivers, Set-Top Boxes (STB), LNBF, Satellite Finders, Connectors, BUC and other equipments that support the needs of broadcasting and telecommunications areas.

MMP has become a leading company in broadcasting and telecommunications, particularly in Pay-tv and in conventional Free to Air Parabola areas with the hard work and commitment to provide best services and products. Currently, MMP serves most Pay-tv operators and has Sales Distributions channels with nationwide coverage to support sales in Indonesia region.

“A Positive attitude, hard work, discipline and a good work ethic are keys to MMP’s success”

(Mr. Rudy Kangdra, CEO)


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